Mead, what is it and how is it made?

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Cyser, Much more then just "Apple Mead"

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Mead with fruits added, often called Strawberry Mead or what have you. We will provide various versions soon

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Honey and spices combine to make Metheglin, learn more here. Soon we will be offering various Metheglins as well.

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What is Red Raven Meadery?

I have been making my own mead, at home, for over 30 years now. Everyone who has ever drank it has agreed it is the best Mead, and some say best adult beverage, they have ever tasted.

Not some people, not people trying to be polite, EVERYONE. I know this is hard to believe, but I have never had a single negative comment.

These days craft beverages are extremely popular, it is time to go pro!

What is Mead? Some refer to it as “Honey wine” but I do not think it can be called a wine really, it is much better then that.

Their are several “secrets” to my mead, and of course I can not share them all here. But I will a few. First of all, it has more honey content then most Meads commercially available. Second I will never serve my Mead until it has aged one full year. Many commercial Meaderies sell theirs after as little as 3 months.

Their are two other secrets as well, but I have to keep those to myself, I am sure you understand

I have worked on my plans for this for years, plans to get land, planting the proper “bee food” and having the bee colonies to produce enough honey to get into production. But this is not really needed. Better I now realize to focus on what I do best, Mead making and let partners do the rest. Honey, pure organic honey, of the right kinds, is available in bulk at a reasonable price. So I have rewritten my plans accordingly, and it makes a HUGE difference start-up costs wise.

So of course there is a secondary problem, that one year of aging I spoke of. I will not have any product available until a year after start-up. But that is OK with me, I can wait, the Mead is worth it. When it is Red Raven Mead at least it is worth the wait.

How can you help?

Currently we are running a gofundme campaign to get us off the ground, please donate here