And so we begin

It could be say we began some 25 or so years ago, maybe longer , i do not really remember. But I have been making Mead for a long time, and dreaming of “going pro” for most of it.

Well now it is time to go pro. This website, and our Facebook page, and our gofundme page are just the beginning. I intend, if i can find the funding, to go full time and make this Meadery happen. So far i have only made my first 15 gallons or so (about  75 bottles) for samples and such. But their is much more to come.

But to make it happen, i need cash, and a lot of it. Like any business their are startup costs, location, supplies etc. to be acquired. that is why the gofundme page ( was created. So please , consider donating , any amount is welcome. and regardless of how much we actually make with this campaign, all of it will go to making more Mead. If i can raise my goal, it will be sooner rather then later. If not, we do it in smaller steps is all, but it WILL get done.

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