What is Mead exactly?

Mead is heaven in a glass, a taste of sunshine, a glass of decadence, all in one

Mead is a drink made from only pure Honey, Water and a splash of acid (lemon juice usually) that is yeasted and allowed to convert to alcohol. A Honey Wine some say, i just say mead.

As an experienced Mead maker i can tell you several things matter when making Mead, among them are:

  • Type of honey used, the taste of the honey will greatly affect the taste of the Mead, just using any old honey will make any old mead
  • Ratio of Honey to Water, too much water makes more, but weak Mead
  • The strain of yeast used, It matters, a lot, to flavor
  • TIME , at least one year from brewing to drinking is Critical!

Mead is drank in many parts of the world, here are just a few names it goes by:

aguamiel Spanish mead

ayahuasca Amazonian mind liberating liquid

balche Mayan state altering mead made with balche bark

chouchen Breton (France) mead

hidromel Portuguese mead

hydromel French mead

idromele Italian mead

madhu Indian Sanskrit word for mead

mayz-shoerr Hungarian mead

med Bulgarian and Ukrainian mead

meddeglyn or myddyglyn Welsh spiced mead

mede Dutch mead

medovina Czech and Slovak mead

medovukha Russian mead

medu Ancient? German mead

meis Eritrean mead

meodu Olde English mead

met German mead

midus Lithuanian mead

miòd Polish mead

mjød Danish and Norwegian mead

mjöd Swedish mead

mõdu Estonian honey beer

nabidh Arabic mead

sima Finnish mead

tej Ethiopian mead

ydromeli Greek mead